Searching for a family van?

We build a range of family vans

from 1-6 bunks with or without an ensuite

Need an off-road caravan?

Most of our models can be built as on of our off-road X-Traks

All our vans are equipped for basic free camping

All our vans include a battery pack

and can be used on most well maintained dirt roads

View our Delta ensuite range

Features include:

  • 15″ Rims & tyres

  • Load sharing suspension

  • 150w solar system

  • 120a/h battery system

  • Washing machine

  • much much more…

Delta 18’6″ – 20’6″
Delta 21′ – 22’6″
Delta Range with slide outs

View our X-Trak offroad range

Features include:

  • Off-Road Tyres

  • Coil spring suspension

  • 300w solar system

  • 240a/h battery system

  • Diesel heating

  • much much more…

X-Trak Range

View our Legacy family range

Features include:

  • Models with up to 6 bunks

  • 15″ Rims and tyres

  • 150w solar system

  • 120a/h battery system

  • Ibis 3 air conditioning

  • much much more…

Legacy Bunk Range